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Preparing for Carnival – Preparandose para Carnaval

We are a couple of days away from Carnival and here are some tips we would like to share with every backpacker that is going to spend this holiday for the first time in Ecuador.

Routes: a lot of people will be moving out and back from the major cities, specially Quito and Guayaquil. Be prepared for traffic jams on saturday morning and tuesday evening on the roads Quito-Los Bancos-Atacames, Quito-Machachi-Ambato and Guayaquil-Progreso-Playas, Guayaquil-Progreso-Salinas. If you can travel out of these cities before friday noon and stay a little longer is going to be much fun for you.

Thefts: cities like Atacames, Manta, Salinas, Playas, Baños and some other towns like Sua, Montañita are going to be crowded and although Ecuadorians are really nice persons you will need to be careful with your stuff.

Places to stay: If you have not done any reservation try not to risk moving out of where you are currently staying. You will have better chances if you decide to go to alternatives destinations: Riobamba, Guaranda, Ambato, Loja.


Estamos solo a un par de días de Carnaval y queremos compartir unos tips con todos los mochileros que van a pasar este feriado por primera vez en el Ecuador.

Rutas: muchas personas van a estar entrando y saliendo de las principales ciudades, especialemente de Quito y Guayaquil. Estén preparados para embotellamientos especialmente en las rutas Quito-Los Bancos-Atacames, Quito-Machachi-Ambato y Guayaquil-Progreso-Playas, Guayaquil-Progreso-Salinas. Si pueden salir a sus destinos el viernes hacia el medio día y esperar un poco más antes de regresar a las ciudades principales van a pasarlo mucho mejor.

Robos: Ciudades importantes como Atacames, Manta, Salinas, Playas, Baños y otros pueblos como Montañita y Sua, van a estar llenos de turistas internos. A pesar de que los Ecuatorianos somos muy hospitalarios y amables no está de más que cuiden sus pertenencias.

Lugares para quedarse: Si no han hecho reservaciones aún no se arriesguen a dejar el lugar donde se están hospedando. Van a tener mejores posibilidades de encontrar alojamiento en destinos alternativos como: Riobamba, Guaranda, Ambato, Loja


Driving in the Andes

Old video from the road from baños de Ambato to Puyo. In most of the Andes` roads you’ll have that magnificent view.


Manejando en los Andes

Video antiguo del camino de Baños de Ambato al Puyo. En la mayoría de los caminos de los andes tendrás esa magnifica vista.

Video: Rappelling in Chazazal`s Cascades

The Waterfalls of the Chazazal sector have about 20 meters of height and they are Located to 30 minutes by foot from the Pallatanga town, in a near forest.

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Last. Min.: Roads open again

The Strike in the Road Quito – Ibarra finished last night and the roads were openned again this morning. President Palacio agreed to pay 3 million dollars calming down life forces.


El paro que mantenia la via Quito – Ibarra bloqueada termino ayer en la noche, cuando el presidente Palacio acepto pagar 3 millones de dolares a las fuerzas vivas de la zona. La via fue abierta nuevamente hoy.

Last. Min.: Another Strike in the Highlands

The road Quito – Ibarra was closed this morning at 6:00 until further notice. Please take this into account if you want to travel from Quito to Otavalo, Quicocha, Yaguarcocha, San Pablo, Atuntaqui, Cayambe, among other towns located north from Quito.

Life forces of Imbabura Province, backed up by the Province’s Government are asking for 5 million dollars offered by Dr. Alfredo Palacio, current Ecuador’s President.


La via Quito – Ibarra amanecio bloqueada hoy de manera indefinida. Por favor, tengan en cuenta esta informacion si desean viajar hacia el norte de Quito, a los pueblos de Otavalo, Quicocha, Yaguarcocha, Atuntaqui, San Pablo, Cayambe, entre otros.

Las fuerzas vivas de la Provincia de Imbabura, respaldados por la Prefectura, le exigen al gobierno del Presidente Dr. Alfredo Palacio, que cumpla su compromiso de 5 millones de dolares para obra social.

Things to do on your way to Otavalo

These are the places that you should visit and the things to do if you go to Otavalo, many of them are on the way there o near the town.

The first stop is in Cayambe, you have to try “Queso de Hoja”. If you can stay a day and are in good shape, you should try to climb the volcano (has the same name). To be on the top of it gives you and amazing feeling, but be careful, it is very dangerous, really cold, the weather changes completely in 2 minutes and is really hard to get up there (even going in a 4wd)

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Termas de Papallacta

If you like nature o just to relax alter a long trip, you should visit Papallacta’s Thermas. Located in Papallacta, 65km. away from Quito, in the Quito – Baeza route, this Spa – Hotel main attractions are its thermal water pools.

While the temperature out of the water can be between 6º and 18º C (43º to 64º F), in the pools the temperature goes from 36º to 40º C (97º to 107º F). The view, the water minerals, the hotel infrastructure make each minute there worthwhile.

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