Video: Puerto Lopez & Machalilla National Park

Thanks to Youtube. Video of this two beautiful beaches.



Video: Puerto López & Parque Nacional Machalilla

Gracias a Youtube. Un video de estas 2 hermosas playas.


One response to “Video: Puerto Lopez & Machalilla National Park

  1. Estimado Enrique
    my name is Andrea and my Spanish is not so good,thats why i try to ask u in English
    And i hope u take some time to give me your response.
    We are the group of 6 person from the Czech republic and will come to visit Peru for about one month (End of April till end of May)
    To make a rest after Peru travelling we want to move to Ecuador.
    Someone recommended us Montanita place. Could u give me any tips for accomodation??
    Our idea is nice,quiet place near see,maybe wooden cabanas but not in noisy place (no in the centre of pubs and bars).
    Somewhere in quiet place near the beach.
    I found tip Cabanas Pakaloro,but someone wrote its so noisy place during night,unfortunatelly.
    We land in Guayaguil,so we have to move to Puerto Lopez area?What do you recommend?? Use taxi?? Or bus is able?
    muchas gracias para tu ayuda

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