Plaza La Merced

In Guayaquil, located two blocks away of the Plaza San Francisco, in the streets Pedro Carbo and Francisco de P. Ycasa, in front of the church of La Merced. In the center we can observe the monument Pedro Carbo, inaugurated in 1909. The construction of the Church of the La Merced took 9 years, and it was finished in 1936. The lateral towers were distinguished on the buildings of the time.



Plaza La Merced

En Guayaquil, ubicada a dos cuadras de la Plaza San Francisco, en las calles Pedro Carbo Y Francisco de P. Ycasa, frente a la iglesia de La Merced. En el centro podemos observar el monumento a Pedro Carbo, inaugurado en 1909. La construcción de la Iglesia de La Merced duro 9 años y se termino en 1936. Las torres laterales se distinguían sobre los edificios de la época.


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