Going from Guayaquil to Zamora: by air

Aerogal and Tame can take you to Loja at an aprox. cost of US $ 55.00 (one way) and then you need to pay $ 4.00 for a cab to the terrestrial port and then take a bus to Zamora. Flights depart from Guayaquil everyday at 6am.

The Ecuadorian Airforces and a Congressman arranged another flight subsidize, it costs $ 15.00, departs every Thursday from the Atarazana FAE´s base. It lands on a base in Cumbaratza, just 15 minutes away from Zamora. Then you have to CALL for a cab or wait on the road to take a bus.


Aerogal y Tame los pueden llevar a Loja a un costo aproximado de US $ 55.00 (solo de ida) y de ahí necesita pagar $ 4.00 por un taxi que lo lleve hasta el Terminal Terrestre, desde donde deberá tomar el bus hacia Zamora. Los vuelos salen de Guayaquil todos los días a las 6am.

Las Fuerzas Aéreas Ecuatorianas (FAE) y un congresista han arreglado otro vuelo subsidiado, cuesta US $ 15.00 y sale cada jueves desde la base área de la FAE enla ciudadela Atarazana. El vuelo llega a Cumbaratza, a solo 15 minutos de Zamora. Desde de ahí deberá llamar a un Taxi o esperar en la carretera para tomar un bus.


One response to “Going from Guayaquil to Zamora: by air

  1. Joshua Hagensen

    I live about 2 kilometers from that airstrip near Cumbatatza in the barrio San Francisco. I just wanted to let you know that the military flights no longer land here. Every once in a while we see a small plane or maybe a helicopter, but nothing more. There was talk of restablishing service to Guyaquil on Fridays only, but after making a few phone calls, we discovered that it was just a rumor. Also, we’ve been told that foreigners aren’t allowed on these flights for “security” reasons. My wife and I would definitely take advantage of this service because it would cost the same as the bus! As a final comment, I would have to agree with your statement about visiting Zamora. Zamora is probably one of the most overlooked and less frequented town by tourists. I’ve been here in Cumbaratza for over a year, and I rarely see tourists. The infrastructure of this small city isn’t prepared to handle large groups of tourists like other cities, ie, Baños, Tena. It is very clean and one of the safest cities in Ecuador. If you love nature, this is the place to go!!! Don’t forget to smell the orchids!!!

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